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Headway Herefordshire



Helen Mapp

Headway House
Trenchard Avenue
United Kingdom


Headway Herefordshire was set up in 1989, as an independent local charity being affiliated to Headway - the brain injury association. Headway Herefordshire is concerned with all aspects of the care and rehabilitation of adults with acquired brain injury, whatever the cause, who live in Herefordshire. We help people between 18 and 65 years who have had accidents, illnesses, strokes or brain haemorrhages and we also provide help and support for their families and carers. At Headway Herefordshire, many facilities and activities are provided to encourage the group members to explore what they can do after a serious brain injury, and thereby work towards their rehabilitation. The emphasis is very much on support and the staff are very good at motivating the group members to participate in the activities available. On group days group members are free to choose what they would like to do, and if they are not feeling up to doing anything at all, then it is quite acceptable to sit quietly and watch everyone else.
We offer two carers support group meetings on a monthly basis - which is an informal meeting where we aim to provide a supportive atmosphere enabling people to share anxieties, problems and achievements with others involved with living with someone after a head injury. We also offer Carers Support (part of a government initiative) which provides respite for carers.

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