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My poetry: Sam Moore

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My poetry: Sam Moore

My poetry: Sam Moore

It IS possible to get back out - but HOW?

Musician Sam Moore sustained a brain injury from a horrific assault in 1998, when he was attacked after playing a live gig in a local club.

As well as knocking him unconscious, the attackers forced him to swallow drugs which caused a hypoxic brain injury that would have life-long consequences.

Despite experiencing seizures, communication difficulties and memory problems, Sam received very little support to rebuild his life.

Over the years he has battled to get a proper diagnosis of his condition and the correct welfare benefits, but discovering Headway in 2019 finally helped him to get an understanding of his brain injury and begin moving forward.

Day-to-day life continues to be hard, but his determination has seen him taking on a range of community volunteering jobs around the Yorkshire area.

He has also been able to put his creative talents to work through poetry, including these powerful accounts of life with hypoxic brain injury.

Normality, by Samuel Moore: I'm perfectly normal Imperfectly normal If everything was the same It would be Imperfectly formal I'm glad you're not like me Such a bore it would be And abnormal.

My Memory Blocks

With me it isn't so much
In one ear & out the other
It's more like drop a drip of ink
Into a big vat of water
It goes in consolidated
In one solid block of colour
Then see it slowly swirly
Spirally untangle.

Then spreading out like that
But in a fractal
Like a puff of smoke
In a warehouse
Til it's only just detectable
Then whooosh!

You can't see it any more
But it's in there somewhere
It IS possible to get it back out
But HOW?


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