Headway – the brain injury association aims to provide members, organisations, individuals and funders with the best possible service. However, we realise that our services can always be improved and sometimes things go wrong.

Your continued support is greatly valued by us and therefore if you have a complaint to make, we would like you to tell us about it.

How to make a complaint:

In most cases it is best to talk personally with the member of staff who is responsible for the situation in which the problem has arisen.

Often problems can be resolved at this level without doing anything else.

If you are still not satisfied:

You can then make a complaint by telephone or in writing to the Chief Executive, who will acknowledge in writing within ten days of receipt of any complaint. In his/her absence you should speak or write to another member of the management team at Headway UK.

Contact details for the Chief Executive follow:

Headway – the brain injury association
Bradbury House
190 Bagnall Road
Old Basford
Nottingham, NG6 8SF

Telephone: 0115 924 0800

If the complaint is about the Chief Executive please write or email the Chairman of the Trustees at Headway UK. Please mark your letter or email confidential and use the same postal address as above or email

The Chief Executive will undertake to investigate the circumstances leading to the complaint either in person or by delegating this to another member of staff or another independent person unconnected with the original problem.