General Election 2024

Over the course of the next parliament around 1.8 million people will be admitted to hospital with an acquired brain injury.

Urgent government action is needed to improve the lives of those currently affected by brain injuries, as well as those who will be affected in the future.

From awareness to action - demanding better care for brain injury survivors

With so many people affected by acquired brain injury, Headway is calling on the next government to deliver meaningful change for brain injury survivors and their loved ones.

We want prospective parliamentary candidates to champion the needs of people with brain injuries in the next Parliament.

We want the government to understand brain injury, to prioritise brain injury, and to invest in services to support brain injury survivors and their loved ones.

And you can help us to make this happen.

How you can get involved

There are many ways that you can try to influence prospective members of the next Parliament to create change for brain injury survivors.

  • Write to or email your prospective parliamentary candidates, telling them about brain injury and Headway’s five key asks. Download our template letter here.

  • Ask your prospective parliamentary candidates to sign our pledge card. By signing this, prospective candidates pledge to champion the needs of their constituents who are affected by brain injury.

  • When canvassers from political parties knock on your door, you can talk to them about brain injury and the impact it has on survivors and their loved ones. To help with this, download our canvasser card here for information about our key asks and why they are so important.

  • Look up your prospective parliamentary candidates here. If candidates for your area are not yet listed, please keep checking the page for updates.

Headway has five key asks of the next government

Ask 1 – Fair access: end the neurorehabilitation postcode lottery

Every brain injury survivor should have access to specialist neurorehabilitation services that will provide them with the best possible chance of living a fulfilling life after their injury.

Ask 2 – Community support: invest in local brain injury reablement services

Some brain injury survivors face severe and lasting effects that require lifelong support. The network of Headway charities offers crucial and compassionate care to those affected by brain injury throughout their lives. Some of these services are now at risk of closure and urgently need sustainable funding to carry on supporting survivors.

Ask 3 – Increasing understanding: raise awareness of brain injury

Brain injury can happen to anyone at any time, and given its widespread impact, we must increase awareness of its profound effects, and encourage more understanding and compassion for survivors from society as well as from government.

Ask 4 – Family care: enhance support for brain injury survivors’ loved ones

Brain injury affects the whole family. Enhanced support for caregivers is crucial. A holistic approach addressing the needs of both the family and the survivor leads to better outcomes for all.

Ask 5 – Reform social care: make social care equitable and sustainable

Despite repeated government promises of reform, the social care system continues to fail brain injury survivors. The current system is underfunded, understaffed and undervalued. Good social care is essential to supporting brain injury survivors to maintain as much independence, choice, and control over their lives as possible.