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Headway supports Tour ...

Headway supports Tour de France champion’s helmet advice Main Image

Headway supports Tour de France champion’s helmet advice

Sun 26 Aug 2018

Tour de France champion Geraint Thomas has called for helmets to be compulsory for cyclists in a recent interview with the Sunday Times.

The 32-year-old believes cyclists have "no reason not to" wear a helmet on UK roads. He said: "I would certainly make helmets compulsory. I always wear a helmet, I've put on a helmet more times than I've buckled a seatbelt.”

At Headway, we share Geraint’s believe that all cyclists should wear helmets, particularly vulnerable road users such as children who do not possess the same level of competency or experience as adults.

We believe helmets should be compulsory for all child cyclists while supporting calls for a range of additional measures to improve cyclists' safety, including more dedicated cycle lanes and educational campaigns aimed at both cyclists and motorists.

Luke Griggs, Director of Communications at Headway, said: “We understand that the issue of cycle helmets is a divisive one that clearly splits opinion but when someone so well respected in cycling such as Geraint Thomas makes these points then they should be listened to.

“Cycling is a fabulous way to keep fit and active.

“At Headway, we are passionate about promoting safe cycling, while supporting calls to make it safer for people of all ages to take to their bikes and get pedalling.

“Our position is based on key peer-reviewed research and expert opinion from leading neurosurgeons, coupled with the commonsense approach that surely wearing a cycle helmet will offer greater protection to one's fragile skull than not wearing one.

“People initially spoke out against seatbelts and motorcycle helmets - but both are now accepted as being invaluable safety aids and neither led to a reduction in use.

“Our message to all cyclists is please use your head – use a helmet.”