Headway Cookstown

Organisation details

C/O RABIU Musgrave Park Hospital, Stockman's Lane
Northern Ireland
07826 909110
  • Family and Carer Support
  • Information

Further information

Headway Cookstown was launched in 2011 reflecting the needs of individuals living with brain injury and their carers.
Our first members to the service became the steering group and assisted with our service our design.
Being service user and carer lead we adopted a programme of balanced activities that reflect both living with brain injury and social inclusion.
We initially met at Cookstown Day Centre once a month which served us well.
For a majority of those on our membership they were currently active day services provided by statutory services in the Cookstown and wider areas.
We opted to change out meetings to evening services to meet the needs of our members and as such we started delivering evening services. Sadly for many of our members rural transport networks rurally in the evening posed as an issue.
Not to be deterred, we decided that rather than bringing people to services we would bring the services to those that need us!
Our Services:
Our services are service user and carer led to ensure that individual needs are specifically addressed and so that the individual has ownership of their development plan whilst also providing a platform for effective support.

Outreach Service:
We currently provide an outreach service in the Cookstown and wider area:
The aims of the service are:
  • Encourage rebuilding of social networks
  • To regain social skills
  • Increase confidence, self esteem and independence in social situations
  • Enhance skills and knowledge
  • Offer social inclusion
  • Provide peer support
  • Offer a balanced programme of social

Family Support:
We also offer a family support service to those who may not be able to attend group services and are seeking advice and information throughout their journey.
We also offer a free counselling service those in need of support through an associated counsellor (BACP Accredited).
Our counselling service can be offered across multiple sites across the Northern HSCT Area.