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Resources for General Practitioners

This section, launched as part of Action for Brain Injury Week 2013, provides information for GPs to assist them with diagnosing, managing and appropriately signposting patients and carers affected by the often hidden aspects of brain injury.

Dr Chris Steele comments, "I am delighted to lend my support to this important campaign."

Representation of a brain with some of the effects of a brain injury highlighted around itGP flyer

We have produced a flyer to help GPs access this information. Is contains details of our GP pledge and this website to ensure our brain injury management and referral guides are within easy reach.

You can download the flyer using the link at the bottom of this page.

GP pledge

As part of the campaign, we are inviting GPs to sign our pledge, acknowledging the complex and often hidden effects of brain injury and pledging to do all they can to help those affected.

Click here to find out more and sign the GP pledge.

Brain injury management and referral factsheets

Our resources are based on our two management and referral factsheets which cover minor brain injury and concussion, as well as well as other types of moderate to severe acquired brain injury

Minor brain injury: a guide for GPs

This section includes our factsheet that helps GPs to diagnose, refer and manage patients who have sustained a minor brain injury. As well as the detailed factsheet, it contains a number of useful tools for assessing patients who may have symptoms of concussion.

Management of acquired brain injury: a guide for GPs

This section provides detailed information for GPs who are managing patients with an acquired brain injury, or who may need further specialist assessment. The information given is designed to help GPs diagnose, support and refer these patients.

Supporting carers

Approximately 12% of general practice patients are carers. It is extremely important that GPs are aware of the issues these patients have to cope with and provide appropriate support. Find out more on our Supporting carers information page.

Further resources

We have provided a range of useful resources to provide further support for managing patients with an acquired brain injury. Please explore the links on the left to find out more.

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