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Dr Amy Izycky's Headway Exhibition

Amy Izycky Headway Exhibition

She hopes to communicate someone’s story in the most realistic light

Following a traumatic brain injury there is the inevitability of loss that follows. The loss of perhaps one’s cognitive, physical and/or emotional functioning from that of what it used to be or what it could have been.

The process of adjustment is an individual journey.

This exhibition shares the stories of five individuals with brain injuries and allows us to explore how not everything is lost after a brain injury and that life and character very much continue in the most individual and unique ways possible.

About the Photographer

The photographer, Dr Amy Izycky, works as a Clinical Psychologist and Psychodynamic Psychotherapist with people with mental health difficulties and adjustment needs following traumatic brain injuries.

She has a personal interest in street and social documentary photography. Her clinical experience very much influences her photography where images of organic emotional experience, relationships and people are central to her work.

She hopes to communicate someone’s story in the most realistic light that enables the viewer to connect with the person and their own individual experience.

Explore the stories below, and keep checking back for more!

Dr Amy Izycky

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