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Survival is a Team Dream by Philippa Bateman

Survival is a Team Dream by Philippa Bateman

I would not be in the positive place I am now without their listening ear, information and support.

My name is Philippa Bateman. I am approaching the 10th anniversary of my traumatic brain injury. I fell down the stairs whilst sleep walking on 19th February 2011. I nearly died. I received tremendous support from Headway Helpline. I would like to celebrate my survival and this landmark event by praising Headway Helpline. I would not be in the positive place I am now without their listening ear, information and support.

To mark my brain injury anniversary, I am raising money to support the Headway Helpline. Please donate to my fundraising page here

10 years ago today My mind went astray A somnambulist trip Well, Happy Birthday  Bounced all the way down Cracking my crown Blue Lights to Kings Mill Sirens resound  Every shallow breath Just seconds from death It was not my time Revived from that depth  Loved ones rallied round Could inner strength be found? One step each day Helping Pip to rebound  Had lost all my might Wandered at night Spoke French for one day Sentiment contrite  Confusion overload Low mood is my mode No taste or smell Poor memory, I’m told    I was blessed to discover Special friendships in colour Angels holding my hand As I learned to recover  One phone call I made Despite being afraid ‘Headway Helpline here’ Compassion conveyed  A new door was ajar Consultant a star I seized this new hope Normal under par?  A listening ear Understanding my fear Time to off load Support so dear  Thank You Helpline Team For assisting my dream It’s so good to be alive With uplifted self esteem  This team works so well Helping folk to excel On the challenges ahead And not to dwell  Let’s praise their skills An approach that fulfills Our wish to survive Pathway instilled


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