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Callum Maclean

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Callum Maclean

Callum Maclean

With the card, I don't have to explain myself

An ex-fisherman whose life changed following a tumour is backing a new charity identification card aimed at helping brain injury survivors explain their condition.

Callum Maclean, was a commercial fisherman for more than 20 years and a qualified welding inspector before a brain tumour changed his life in 2011.

The tumour left him with a number of problems such as impaired balance, affected temperament and limited mobility.

These symptoms have brought many challenges, including dealing with the often inappropriate ways people react to his disabilities.

It’s for this reason that he is supporting a new identification card being launched by Headway – the brain injury association.

The Headway Brain Injury Identity Card is designed to help brain injury survivors explain their condition.

It displays the key ways in which the survivor’s brain injury affects them and includes a 24-hour criminal legal assistance number which can be called to request legal advice or representation from solicitors trained in understanding brain injury.

Callum said that the card will help him explain his symptoms and help cut down on people’s misconceptions around him.

He said: “I suffer from impaired balance which can cause me to stagger and it can look as if I am drunk or under the influence of drugs.

“This has drawn attention from the police and they have watched me closely as I have crossed the road or when I’m at football matches.

“I have also been treated differently by staff in shops and restaurants including a comment being made by an assistant suggesting that I had been drinking.”

Callum said carrying the card would bring him confidence, especially when he was feeling tired.

He said: “When I am tired I struggle to communicate and this can be very stressful when I’m out on my own.

“But now with the card, I don't have to explain myself to strangers, the information is all there.

It's like having back up plus there is a phone number for legal assistance too just in case anything was to happen.

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