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Making returning to work, work for you

Making returning to work, work for you

There are ways to make a return to work a much smoother process. Here we share some of our top tips.

Unfortunately, for many brain injury survivors, ‘happiness’ is not the first word that comes to mind when faced with the idea of returning to work after a brain injury. Feelings of anxiety, frustration, stress, confusion and being overwhelmed are far more common due to the difficulties of adjusting to life after a brain injury.

However, there are ways to make a return to work a much smoother process – and hopefully encourage some feelings of happiness! Here we share some of our top tips.

Consider a phased return

Many people find it easier to return to work over a period of time, starting with a few hours and gradually building up to return to their normal working schedule.

Discuss different roles or responsibilities

Talk to your employer about the possibility of taking on different responsibilities or roles that are more suitable for you. Reducing some of your workload will help you gradually build this back up when you are ready.

Use helpful tools, adaptive equipment, and strategies

Calendars, wall charts, notes, dictaphones, alarms and diaries can help, although in some cases more specialist equipment may be required.

Take regular breaks

Talk to your employer about this so that they are aware of your needs and can make suitable arrangements, such as locating quiet rooms or areas that you can rest in when you need to.

Get support from family and friends

This could be through practical support, such as offering lifts to and from work, cooking meals, helping with childcare or just having somebody to talk to when you need it. Remember that accepting help from others is a sign of strength, not weakness, and the right support can make a successful return to work easier.

Be honest about how you are feeling

Be honest with your employer and your colleagues about any difficulties you are having. Above all, be honest with yourself!

Try not to ignore and push through difficulties you may be having. Instead, talk to your employer or GP about any support you may need, and remember that our helpline is also available to support and advise.

For further information and tips, see our factsheet Returning to work after brain injury.


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