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A conversation with... Ian Scott-Logan

A conversation with... Ian Scott-Logan

I am passionate about saying that Headway saved my life

In December 2020, Ian was involved in a horrific road traffic collision resulting in several injuries, including an acquired brain injury.

Almost two years on, Ian joined the latest team of #HeadwayHeroes, completing the TCS London Marathon 2022 in support of Headway and raising over £3,500.00 through his JG page, which is enough to fund the Headway Helpline for 7 days which will bring an invaluable sense of reassurance and comfort to those affected by brain injury.

We caught up with Ian just a few days after the big event:

How did you find the experience of running the London Marathon?

“This was my first ever marathon.  I knew it would be an amazing experience.  Even so, I was completely overwhelmed by the constant support and encouragement I received and by the fantastic organisation of the event.

"From the journey before the race to ExCel London to collect my running number and kit bag, to the feelings of anxiety the night before, and then the run itself, it all felt absolutely phenomenal, especially hearing people shouting your name when you are running!”

“My husband also ran the London Marathon this year.  When I had my accident, I became jealous of him taking part in something that I was worried I would never be able to do. 

I don’t remember applying to run the London Marathon for Headway - it was during my crazy recovery process.

“It was after I had my accident that we decided to get married.  We had our wedding in September 2021 and went to Mexico for our Honeymoon in the December.  The day we landed – Christmas Eve – was the day I got the call to confirming my place in marathon!

“My husband and I didn’t run together - instead we said, 'see you in 26.2 miles, love you lots, see you at the end' and that’s exactly what we did.  He is a huge support to me." 

Why did you choose to support Headway?

“I have a personal connection to Headway, and it’s been great to support the charity through my ultimate dream to run a marathon.

“Before my accident, I lived a healthy, active life and never needed medication.

“After my accident I was lost in my injury, I felt so scared, and frightened for what the rest of life would look like, and I was so scared I would never be physically able to run again. 

“When I first called Headway, I spoke to Sharon on the helpline, and I felt the weight lift from my shoulders.  She spoke so clearly and thoroughly, which really helped me.

“I feel so lucky that Headway helped me turn a corner, and I am passionate about saying that Headway saved my life.”

What were the best/worst parts of the day?

“I had friends and family cheering me on at miles 4, 8, 14, 18, 20, 21, 25, at the end. This broke up the run, making 26.2 miles feel more like lots smaller runs between points where I would see the next friend or family member.

“The other best thing... crossing the finish line!

“I got cramp through miles 10-13 and pulled my calf muscle, which made me slowdown from my targeted time, but I was still able to finish.  But for me, it wasn’t about the time - it was about defying that I was told 18 months ago, 'you will never run again'.

“The last kilometre by Buckingham Palace was tough because I could smell burgers cooking from all the food vans, and I was so hungry!”

What got you through the toughest part?

“It was a very proud moment to see the Headway flag and the team cheering for me at mile 6.

“Other participants offered me huge encouragement. I loved it when fellow runners would congratulate me for running for Headway and celebrating the charity.

Will you be taking part in anymore marathons?

“I would 100% run in the marathon again! There is no other experience quite like it!”

How did you celebrate completing the challenge?

“I finished the run at 3.20pm and met my friends and family in Trafalgar Square, then we went to China Town and had a big Chinese meal! I was home, exhausted, by 10.30pm.”

What are your top tips for future #HeadwayHero marathon runners?

“I would say be prepared for the atmosphere and scale of it - be ready to soak it all up and take it all in!

“Take your training seriously – you’ll need it! Download a training programme, work around any injuries, be focused, and enjoy whole experience - you will never experience anything quite like it again!

Huge thanks to Ian and to all our fundraisers this year.  For information on Headway challenges please click here.


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