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My podcast by Nikki Webber MBE

My podcast, by Nikki Webber

We need to do what we need to do to make people understand our situation.
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"There's only one person who rows the boat, and that is you!"

In this inspirational podcast recorded for Headway, Nikki shares her thoughts on getting through life as a disabled person and getting to know the 'new you' that may arise after brain injury. 


"Hi, my name is Nikki Webber MBE.

"Yep, they gave me an MBE for doing road safety, and keeping the kids safe.

"When I was knocked down, I suffered from something called 'scattered brain damage', and the doctors said: 'Nikki, you'll never find yourself really, it'll be a very hard path'.

So I just took the ropes and made the disability from brain damage, which is kind of my enemy, I had to make it love me, I had to bring it up and I had to make something of a bad situation.
Nikki Webber MBE in front of a graffiti wall
Nikki Webber MBE standing in front of a cityscape

"When I actually found music, and I started to bond with it, I understood that I could be as normal as anyone else through the music channels and what I get when making and producing music.

"I like to have an idea but then do it the Nikki way, and make what I want of a situation and express it in a way I can best.

"But to any disabled person - do not ever, ever lose spirit. I wrote this song called Alive because I wanted a song that made me feel alive, but also made me realise that anything is possible in the mainstream, and we have to be part of that.

We need to do what we need to do to make people understand our situation. So, here goes...

You can listen to more of Nikki's music on her SoundCloud page.


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