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Dusty Zeisberger – 24-hour treadmill challenge

Dusty Zeisberger

Dad has become a different person since the accident

On 2nd December 2022 Dusty Zeisberger will be challenging himself both mentally and physically by running for 24 hours on a treadmill in support of Headway.  

He is raising vital funds to help us to support people with brain injuries as well as their families. 

Recently in Dusty’s family, this cause hit home in a big way when his father suffered a fall and experienced a traumatic brain injury.

“Before my dad acquired his brain injury, he was an extremely independent, active and caring individual.  He worked for Mercedes Benz for 52 years and has been a musician since he was a teenager playing multiple instruments and singing in bands.

“He retired a few years before the injury and had plans to retire in Germany and travel Europe, living a life of adventure and relaxation.

This has just shown me how quickly our abilities can be taken away from us.

“In April 2022, Dad was carrying a speaker down a hill by himself, when he slipped, fell down the hill, and hit his head on the roof of a building at the bottom.

Dusty’s father suffered a bleed to the brain and was put in a medically induced coma for four days to aid recovery.  He then spent a further four months in hospital.

“He couldn’t speak or move for two weeks.  After that he began to make noises and then roughly speak.  He is still mostly paralysed on his right side and struggles to think clearly or to communicate what he is feeling.

“He is currently suffering from depression, which has impacted his relationships with his partner and with my brother.  There are often outbursts of anger and frustration, which I must assume are due to the feelings of helplessness.

“My dad is currently in a nursing home.  He desperately wants to leave and live in his own home again, but there is not enough support at home for his condition.

“He recently started being able to shuffle with his ‘bad’ leg but fell over, so his confidence is low, and he is scared to try walk again.

“Dad has become a different person since the accident in terms of communication and thinking. He has now been diagnosed with carpal tunnel in the wrist that he can move, so his chances of living semi-independently are very small.”

Dusty has seen the struggle for his dad and his family firsthand from not only a physical injury, but also the mental health impact following a brain injury.

“I‘ve always believed that we are capable of so much more than we believe. This has just shown me how quickly our abilities can be taken away from us.

Dusty will be documenting his journey over the next few weeks, he will be sharing more of his story and what is happening in his family, and he would love you to follow his journey and support him along the way.

“I‘ll be taking the treadmill for a spin for 24 hours to show myself and everyone else what we are capable of.  This is something small that I can do to raise money for those that can’t.  So, I am doing this because I can, because some people just can’t anymore.”

You can make a donation on Dusty's fundraising page and follow his journey on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok by searching for "Dusty Zeisberger" or @thedustycoach


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