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We are family! Sibling...

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We are family! Siblings run for Headway in support of their mum

Rosie Searle

The Searle running team is out in full force with all four of us taking on the London Landmarks Half Marathon in support of Headway!

We are family!

Rosie Searle is no stranger to the #HeadwayHero team - in fact, she was our highest fundraiser for 2023 London Marathon! Rosie has been supporting Headway since her mum, Christina, suffered a brain haemorrhage. 

This time, she and her siblings, Daisy Tresidder, George Searle & Freddie Searle came together to run the London Landmarks Half Marathon as a family.  As no surprise to the siblings, Geroge - an army-trained PT - came in first and crossed the line in an impressive 1:31!

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“In October 2022, Mum suffered an acute Subarachnoid Haemorrhage, which landed her in the neurocritical care ward in Addenbrookes Hospital for the best part of a month.  She has since been moved to the general neuro ward, where her recovery is underway, however, there is still a significant hill to climb for Mum to return to the fun-loving, intelligent, caring and all-round bloody fantastic Christina Searle we all know and love.

“Whilst the staff at Addenbrookes have been fantastic, it has not been smooth sailing for Mum, with shingles, infections, trips back to critical care, falls, pains, sleep deprivation and many more torturous experiences.

“Being in close proximity to such an awful and life-changing injury has really opened my eyes to the trials and tribulations of brain injuries, which would simply have not even been on my radar a mere few months ago.

“Recovery is a long and torturous process, with immense determination and patience being essential (thankfully 2 qualities of which mum has in abundance!) Even the most simple of daily tasks from brushing your teeth to drinking a sip of water become a significant challenge.

“Brain injuries challenge every single aspect of your life, which we all take for granted including thinking, feeling, walking and talking. Losses can be severe, and there is no way of telling if they will be permanent or temporary, other than simply waiting and hoping.

“We all (including my family pre-October 2022) think ‘this will never happen to me’, however, 1.4 MILLION patients are admitted to hospital every year with a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

“Headway is an amazing charity which supports those who have been impacted by brain injuries, both patients and families. The charity helps to improve life after brain injury with support that ranges from a website offering advice to families supporting a loved one with a brain injury (which I have found personally helpful) to supporting with rehabilitation facilities in the recovery process - something that we, as a family, hope to be able to move onto very soon. 

“Headway is a charity very close to our own heart, as our Mum suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage last year and spent three months in hospital. We are honoured to be able to raise money for such a deserving charity.

"Big love,

"Searle Running Team (DGFR)."

You can see and support the Searle Running Team's fundraising efforts here.


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