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Mindfulness Training after Brain Injury with Dr Niels Detert

Mindfulness training after brain injury with Dr Niels Detert

Mindfulness theory and an interactive mindfulness session.

Mindfulness is a technique that has been around in different forms for many years. More recently it been recognised as a useful form of meditation that can help with a variety of issues, including coping with the effects of brain injury.

Research on the use of mindfulness after brain injury has found that mindfulness-based practices can help with issues such as memory and attention, depression, fatigue and emotional issues, as well as improving quality of life.

Mindfulness is a simple enough technique to use, but it does take some initial guidance and practice. In this video, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist Dr Niels Detert explains the foundation of mindfulness, how to practice it and leads the viewer through an interactive mindfulness session.

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