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John's story

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John's story

John's story

John, you've got a brain injury
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During action for brain injury week, we were delighted to be supported by Squeezed Media who are a top London video and animation studio.

The team at Squeezed are passionate about making an impact through beautiful design for important causes, and it was Account Manager Lucy Myers who initially pitched the idea of making a film for Headway.

Lucy shared, “The motivation for the film was my dad’s own brain injury and the support he received from Headway. Our local group in London supported not only him, but us as a family throughout his illness. He attended group sessions with other people affected.

Having a safe space where he was around people who understood what he was going through was the highlight of his week.

Headway also offered us support and information to better understand and care for him, bringing us a lot more awareness than we had at the beginning. He passed away a few years ago and the friends he'd made at Headway all came to his funeral. 

Once it was agreed that we would make the film, we researched the effects of brain injury and were shocked at how common it is to sustain a brain injury, we put this background information into a story that made sense for those who need support.”

You can view the film titled ‘John’s Story’ on our ABI week campaign page at

We are incredibly grateful to Lucy and the team at Squeezed Media for their generous support.


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