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From one punch victim to Headway Hero: A Half Marathon triumph

From one punch victim to Headway Hero: A Half Marathon triumph

Jamie had turned his pain into purpose and proved that no matter the obstacles, the human spirit can triumph.

On Sunday 24th of September, as thousands gathered for the Robin Hood Half Marathon, one man stood out in the crowd – Jamie, our Headway Hero, who completed this challenge and proved that even life's toughest punches couldn't keep him down.

Rewind to 2nd of April 2022, when Jamie was living life to the full and enjoying a stag weekend in Blackpool. Little did he know that this weekend would change the course of his life forever. Jamie was assaulted with a single, devastating blow to his head. In an instant, he was rendered unconscious, and his world was plunged into darkness.

Rushed to the major trauma unit at Preston Hospital, doctors placed him in an induced coma and performed several operations to reduce the swelling on his brain. Jamie was woken from his coma after three weeks, his road to recovery just beginning.

Jamie was moved back to Nottingham and spent the next eight demanding months in hospital, battling the physical and mental toll of his traumatic brain injury. The attack has left him with Aphasia, a condition that makes communication a daily struggle. Jamie also has post-trauma epilepsy and weakness on the right side of his body.

Yet, despite these struggles, Jamie found a newfound passion for exercise – which came as quite a shock for those who know him best!  Jamie took up running and decided to sign up to the Robin Hood Half Marathon.  He wanted to challenge himself and he trained hard, he also wanted to support other people living with brain injuries.  Now he wasn't just running for himself; he was running for Headway – the brain injury.

Jamie had set an ambitious fundraising target of £500, but he didn't stop there. As he crossed the finish line, he had not only completed the challenge but also smashed his goal, raising close to £1,000 to support those whose lives had been forever changed by brain injuries.

Jamie's journey from victim to hero was an inspiration to all who witnessed it. He showed that with determination, resilience, and the support of organisations like Headway, even the most devastating blows life can deliver can be overcome.

Jamie had turned his pain into purpose and proved that the human spirit can triumph no matter the obstacles.



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