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Theresa Malcom

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Theresa Malcom

Theresa Malcom

I never did art before my brain injury

Theresa Malcom shares her brain injury story and some of the inspiring artwork she created in the Submit to Love Studio at Headway East London.

“Before my accident I was just about to start a job as a healthcare assistant at a children’s hospital. Before that I was mother to my two  children. One of them had cerebral palsy. We were broke but living a good life.

“My injury started in 2004. I went to the Citizens Advice Bureau because my oldest son wanted to move out. I was talking to the woman who told me I wouldn’t be able to get any help with this and when I went to leave, I collapsed.

“Later I woke in the hospital, and found I’d had a head operation. I can’t remember anything during my time at hospital. I think I had a  stroke but there were other things wrong with me.

“I draw pictures and paint. I started on paper and card but have now moved onto canvas. I have done needlework and pottery. We can just do everything in the studio. I just finished a painted portrait of my son and his new wife as a wedding present.

“A lot of the time I forget what I have made but when I see it again, I remember. I am glad that it helps me, I enjoy it. It makes me feel like I am doing something.

Mixed media self portrait
Theresa sharing artwork
I never did art before my brain injury. The closest I got to a hobby was knitting jumpers for my kids. Ask me how to knit now and I couldn’t tell you!

Find out more about the Submit to Love studios and browse some of the amazing members’ artwork at 


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