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Sandi's story

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Sandi's story

Sandi's story

I am starting to rebuild my life again

Every 90 seconds, someone in the UK is admitted to the hospital with a brain injury – a staggering 350,000 people a year.

But not everyone who sustains a brain injury will be admitted to hospital or receive any medical support.

Inspired by the startling every 90 seconds statistic, Sandi, a brain injury survivor, is urging people to take head injuries seriously, and if in doubt, she's urging them to seek urgent medical assistance.

"It is so important to seek help with head injuries because life can fall apart when you don't get the correct medical assistance. It only takes a few seconds for a life to be completely knocked off course like mine.

"Headway supports individuals affected by brain injury and those caring for them. It runs a free helpline, hosts local support groups and has comprehensive online resources.

"Headway is close to my heart as the charity has supported me through incredibly tough times. The saying goes, 'a real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out' - for me, it was Headway UK!

"I am thankful to Headway, as with their support and guidance in navigating and managing my head injury characteristics, I am starting to rebuild my life again. However, I am well aware that not everyone is so fortunate.

"Brain injuries can have devastating, life-long effects. If you ever sustain a head injury of any kind or you encounter someone who has, please, please seek urgent medical attention. Don't wait; taking the correct action saves lives.

"Before sustaining this injury, I could speak different languages, enjoyed playing sports, and travelled extensively. However, the brain injury I sustained and not receiving proper medical attention changed so much for me. After my brain injury, my inability to encode, hold and retain new memories and retrieve dormant decades of my past was severely impacted.

We can't turn back time, but if someone had taken the initiative and called 999 at the time of my brain injury, my outcome would have been very different."

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