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Q&A: Hollie-Blue Huntsman

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Q&A: Hollie-Blue Huntsman

Q&A: Hollie-Blue Huntsman

Continue to give your family member all your love, support and patience, and do not give up on them.

Hollie-Blue Huntsman’s dad sustained a hypoxic brain injury after he fell 30 feet from a tree and had a cardiac arrest.

As a tribute to him and countless other brain injury survivors across the UK struggling to come to terms with the COVID-19 crisis, she performed a moving cover of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

In this Q&A, she discusses what makes her most proud of her dad, the impact his brain injury had on her family and the inspiration behind her rendition of the song.

What makes you most proud of your dad?

Although the professionals doubted that he would ever be able to walk, talk and eat, I am proud of him because he has continued to fight and manages these tasks. Even though he understands everything that’s said to him, he still finds it an effort to talk.

What impact did your dad’s brain injury have on you and the rest of your family?

Sadly, when a family member has such a traumatic life-changing accident it does affect all the family in different ways and individually you have to find the strength within to cope and keep fighting for their independence.

What advice would you give to other families affected by brain injury?

Continue to give your family member all your love, support and patience, and do not give up on them. We believe in PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), try to apply that daily. If we had given up on our dad then no doubt he would have done the same.

What inspired your cover of Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

I have always loved the song 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' - it sends out a sign of hope for the future which not only applies during these troubled times of COVID-19 but also to all the survivors of acquired brain injury and their families.


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