Budget for brain injury Many local Headway charities, which support thousands of families affected by brain injury, are facing financial crises.

Budget for brain injury

Headway – the brain injury association has relaunched a campaign calling on the Chancellor to commit to budgeting for brain injury in the upcoming Spring Budget.

As part of Headway’s Budget for brain injury campaign – now in its third iteration – we strive to highlight the financial pressures facing community-based charities providing essential rehabilitation and reablement services for brain injury survivors across the UK.

Around 70 Headway groups across the country provide these vital services, and many are facing significant challenges.

In his letter to the Chancellor, Luke Griggs, Headway’s Chief Executive, said:

“Too many of these charities, which support thousands of families affected by brain injury, are at risk of collapse. Should they close, the effect on these families would be devastating.

“Furthermore, the financial implications on local authorities would be significant. For many brain injury survivors, the services provided by their local Headway charity are critical to them continuing to live independently. For families, the respite and support they receive can be the difference between a family staying together or a loved one requiring specialist residential living – at a huge cost to the public purse.

"There is not only a moral imperative to sustaining these services, but a strong economic case too."

We’ve teamed up with Headway Nottingham to show an example of the work that so many Headway charities do up and down the UK and why their services are so important.

What can you do to add your support?

1. Watch and share our campaign video

2. Read and share our open letter to the Chancellor

Headway urges the Chancellor to support life after brain injury - for a third time.  
You can read the full letter here: Budget for brain injury - an open letter to the Chancellor.

3. Sign and share the pledge

Please sign our pledge card asking the Chancellor to allocate funds for people living with acquired brain injury:

Support your local Headway

These challenges are happening right now for so many Headway charities. If you want to support your local Headway, you can find details about them here.

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