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ABI Week 2024: A life ...

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ABI Week 2024: A life re-written

Thu 25 Jan 2024

Action for Brain Injury Week (ABI Week) provides an annual platform on which we raise awareness of brain injury.

ABI Week 2024 will take place between the 20th and 26th May.


We are thrilled to launch this year's Action for Brain Injury Week (ABI Week) campaign theme: A life re-written.

A life re-written

A life re-written will be a campaign that illustrates how brain injury can affect anyone at any time, focussing particularly on how it throws plans into disarray, changes life goals, and even the sense of who we are.

The campaign will tell the story of plans gone awry. Most of us have at least a rough life-plan in our heads, however, plans can be violently thrown off course either by an illness or accident leading to brain injury.

These events will often come out of nowhere and may spark a re-evaluation of life aims and objectives, requiring a recalibration of what is important to us.

Identity after brain injury

A life re-written is about identity after brain injury, we will chart positive examples of brain injury survivors who have experienced post-traumatic growth and successfully rebuilt their careers, relationships and lives. We will also outline the realism of life post-brain injury and how positive outcomes aren’t always the norm. This would include the ripple effect on others, for example how partners are affected, and how they also make life changes, sacrifices and adjustments to their own goals and expectations.

The campaign will not only illustrate life before and after brain injury, but it will also include reference to an individual’s 'sliding doors' moment e.g. the time their brain injury occurred or when they learned of their illness, this will bring it home how brain injury can happen to anyone at any time.

Colin Morris, Director of Communications at Headway said:

"This is our annual campaign that highlights the impact of brain injury and this year’s theme will demonstrate the profound effect of brain injury on life plans, goals, and identity.

"By launching with the campaign surveys, we aim to capture experience of life after brain injury and the results will be an important part of the week.

“We will showcase inspiring stories of resilience and post-traumatic growth, whilst shedding light on the realities of life post-brain injury.

“We hope that as many people as possible will get involved in the campaign and inspire others to support our cause by completing the surveys, and also sharing the stories and materials throughout ABI Week (20-26 May)."

How to get involved

We will begin this campaign by conducting a survey to find out how people feel their life stories have changed as a consequence of brain injury.  Your responses will help us to campaign for greater awareness of the impact of brain injury.

More information about this and further ways to get involved with the campaign will appear on our website and social media soon.


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