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Headway Oxford has been supporting those affected by acquired brain injury in Oxfordshire since 1988. Present services offered include;

Centre Services

  • Individualised Enablement Planning
  • Access to professional physiotherapy support and equipment
  • Access to information/advice and guidance around a variety of relevant areas, including brain injury/ benefits/available services/accessing local community
  • Therapies and workshops - Yoga Therapy/Tai-chai/brain gym/Art/Music/Music Tech/Crafts/Developing social skills/IT skills and specialised software.
  • Activities - various excursions/events to re-integrate with the community and to introduce, develop and reinforce skills.
  • Socialisation
  • Support for family and carers - monthly carers group/ advice and guidance

Community Support Services

  • Providing support/information around brain injury and available services, to patients, family and carers during hospitalisation.
  • Providing ongoing support/information around brain injury to patients, family and carers within the community.
  • Facilitating access to a wide range of services and activities within the community.
  • Re -integrating into community living
  • Advocacy

Vocational Support Services

  • Advice and guidance around employment/training and education opportunities
  • Support to re-engage with previous employment
  • Support to prepare for work
  • Support to apply for employment/training and education opportunities
  • Support integrating with employment/training and education opportunities
  • Re -integrating into community living
  • Developing personal/social and practical skills

For more information on any of our services, please contact us.


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