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Impact of providing wr...

Impact of providing written discharge advice following mTBI Main Image

Impact of providing written discharge advice following mTBI

Mon 17 Oct 2022

Researchers have found that providing written discharge advice for patients with mild traumatic brain injury improves outcomes.

The researchers compared healthcare and productivity costs between patients with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) who had received written discharge information from hospital with those who had only received verbal advice.

Observing a total of 1,155 patients with mTBI, they found that providing written and video discharge instructions increased the reports of post-concussion symptoms. They also found that this group had slightly reduced medical costs and significantly higher productivity costs among the working population in the first 3 months after the injury.

Headway’s Mild head injury discharge advice factsheet was written to provide written information and advice following a discharge from hospital and is available on the Information Library or from the link below.

Reference: Hoek, A.E., Geraerds, A.J.L.M., Rood, P.P.M., Joosten, M., Dippe, D.W.J., van Beeck, Ed F., van den Hengel, L., Dijkstra, B., Papathanasiou, D., van Rijssel, D., van den Hamer, M., Schuit, S.C.E., Burdorf, A., Haagsma, J., & Polinder, S. (2022). The Effect of Written and Video Discharge Instructions After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury on Healthcare Costs and Productivity Costs. The Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 37(4), E231-E241.

DOI: 10.1097/HTR.0000000000000720


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