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Mild TBI causes lower ...

Mild TBI causes lower quality of life up to 6 months post-injury in older adults Main Image

Mild TBI causes lower quality of life up to 6 months post-injury in older adults

Fri 01 Sep 2023

New research has found that older adults experience lower quality of life after mild TBI up to 6 months post-injury compared to non-injured peers.

Researchers have compared quality of life in older people (65+ years) following mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) with trauma and community comparison groups.

mTBI adults and the trauma comparison group reported lower quality of life at 3 months compared to the community comparison group. By 6 months, only the mTBI group continued to report lower quality of life.

Psychological health at 3 months was the only factor found to predict quality of life at 6 months post-injury.

Reference: Hume, C.H., Mitra, B., Wright, B.J., & Kinsella, G.J. (2023). Quality of life and psychological health after mild traumatic brain injury in older people: Three- and six-month follow up. Brain Injury, 37(11), 1262-1271.

While for many people, symptoms of mild TBIs improve within a number of weeks, some people continue to have difficulties that can impact on their quality of life. Explore the sections below to find out more about mTBI and how Headway can help to improve life after brain injury.


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