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10 ways to manage anger: tips for brain injury survivors Main Image

10 ways to manage anger: tips for brain injury survivors

Fri 24 Jun 2016

Damage to the brain can cause emotional and behavioural changes, so many survivors experience problems managing anger. This can lead to unpredictable, destructive and sometimes aggressive behaviour that can put a strain on your relationships, work life and everyday activities.

We’ve put together a list of 10 ways to help control and manage anger:

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Remember, managing anger is not about taking it away it is about giving you control and choice. Anger is a natural emotion and you may need it one day to give you a serious message. Try to anticipate your anger in order to stay one step ahead it. Don’t forget, if anger is causing a problem you should always speak to your doctor, who may be able to refer you to a specialist such as a neuropsychologist for further assessment and support.

You can get more detailed information in our booklet, Managing anger after brain injury (PDF), and you can contact our helpline to talk things through.  



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