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Experiences and challenges of young adults with TBI explored in new research Main Image

Experiences and challenges of young adults with TBI explored in new research

Fri 01 Sep 2023

Themes relating to the recovery process of young adults with TBI is explored in new research

New research published in the journal Brain Injury has explored the challenges and experiences of sustaining a brain injury as a young adult.

A team of researchers from New Zealand interviewed thirteen adult brain injury survivors who sustained a mild or moderate brain injury during adolescence to understand their experiences and challenges. Two key categories of themes relating to the recovery process were identified: individual factors and social factors.

Individual factors included themes of learning to cope with difficulties, seeking acceptance and balance and finding meaning. Social factors included themes of feeling included, relying on family, professionals not understanding brain injury and lacking people who understand.

The researchers concluded that greater awareness and understanding among clinicians and family could be beneficial to young adult brain injury survivors’ recovery, as well as longer term monitoring of symptoms and the provision of emotional support.

Reference: Mulligan, T., Barker-Collo, S., Gibson, K., & Jones, K. (2023). You only get one brain: adult reflections on coping and recovery after traumatic brain injury in adolescence. Brain Injury, 37(11), 1221-1230.

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